I love naruhina and sasusaku.
Funny gifs too.
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Do you realize how important this scene is?


imageYou know at some point I asked myself:

How did Sakura endured Sasuke leaving and how did this girl managed to hold onto her love?

I mean think about this:

A twelve year old girl, although entering the harsh Ninja World still so naive and childish… Thinking about love and romance, a…

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Sakura Week: Day 3 » Defeat
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"True love is endurance.True love is sincere. True love is patience.True love is kind. True love is about being faithful. True love is, a remedy for darkness."

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"Your eyes, they shine so bright, I wanna save that light
I can’t escape this now unless you show me how…”  | [x]

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♡ say something ♡ // sasusaku fanmix

i. say something (i’m giving up on you) - a great big world feat. christina aguilera // ii. love the way you lie (pt. ii) - skylar grey // iii. landfill - daughter // iv. fix you - coldplay // v. dark paradise - lana del rey // vi. run - daughter // vii. let her go - passenger // viii. youth - daughter // ix. to be with you - the honey trees // x. a thousand years - christina perri

▶ l i s t e n

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I honestly will never understand how people can say SasuSaku is their BROTP because their relationship has always been romantic and never just friendly, like literally the only way Sakura could help him was by loving him. He benefited from her LOVE. She engulfed his darkness with her LOVE. She…

agree, a perfect BROTP example  is NARUTO and SAKURA.

sasuke and sakura arent friends like them.

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sasusaku Asked:
Can you please post your 5 most adorned SS fanfic? Thanks in advance! I've been having a hard time looking for at least one decent one.


Five? Well this is not going to be a piece of cake… You can check my fic recs list for more suggestions, but I swear, I can’t narrow all my favorites down to 5, so I hope you won’t mind me adding… 5 more.

SasuSaku? oneshot: He broke her heart. He left her, for THIS? This plain looking ordinary girl?… But then, with one look. One touch. Everything about the girl changed. That’s when… She knew, She could never compare…

"This is my fiance, Uchiha Sasuke." "F-fiance?" He sputtered.

In which Sasuke tries to be a casanova, and Sakura is just Sakura. What’s your excuse for bad behaviour? — Sasuke, Sakura. AU.

Sasuke reflects on the ultimate Uchiha curse: that of being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. One man’s journey to protect his children from their own physical attractiveness.

Sakura has been asked by Kakashi for a certain favor, one involving her old classmate Sasuke Uchiha. She of course refuses but friends can be annoyingly persistent when they want to be. Honestly hasn’t anyone heard of minding their own business?

Okay, so I married this guy from a different country to stop a war. In the middle of making friends, making enemies, putting people in jail, pissing off his council, matchmaking, and getting kidnapped, I fell in love with him. Damn it all. SxS AU

Sasu/Saku. The day Sasuke lost Naruto’s respect forever was the day the blond saw him apologizing to Sakura.

Karin just knows that she will marry Uchiha Sasuke. Then one day in walks Haruno Sakura. — AU SasuSaku, one sided SasuKarin.

Chakra depleted and exhausted, Team Seven needs a place to rest and recuperate. Why did it have to be a brothel? Are those hunter-nin coming their way? Post-Canon Team Seven. SasuSaku. One-Shot.

The first day Sakura questioned whether Sasuke was really Sasuke was when he first initiated physical contact with her. “So, Sasuke. You like Sakura?” “Tch. What makes you say that, Naruto?” “I saw you fiddling with her bracelet.” “I was bored. And it was there; her desk was practically on top of mine.” “Because you chose to sit in that desk, right?” “Shut up, dobe.”

And basically anything written by Writing Unicorn and randomteenager.

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Chapters 306, 482, 631.